The new Beneficial Ownership Register 2019 – Click here

An Irish registered company is now required to complete and file a form which gives accurate and current information on its ultimate beneficial owners.

The New Companies Act – Click here

After a preparation period of 15 years, on 1 June 2015 the new Companies Act 2014 (The Act) finally came into effect. This act reforms the Irish Companies law fundamentally but also consolidates existing legislation.

Ireland’s Knowledge Development Box – Click here

Introduction of a corporation tax relief for intellectual property in line with the OECD’s modified nexus approach to preferential tax regimes.

Investment Location Ireland – Click here

The presentation deals with the numerous investment incentives and tax advantages that Ireland has to offer.

Stamp duty on shares deriving their value from Irish immovable property – Click here

Section 31C (Section 31C) of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act 2017 applies from 6 December 2017 subject to a grace period which has now expired.

Data Protection Ireland 2018 – Be Prepared – Click here

On 25 May 2018 the new general data protection regulation came into force. The article explains the changes in detail and gives practical examples in relation to the main topics.

Non Irish companies commencing business operations in Ireland – Click here

Are you thinking about commencing business operations in Ireland? The purpose of this note is to provide a guideline for non-Irish companies commencing business operations in Ireland.

Commercial Agents – Click here

This article provides an introduction to the legislation applicable to commercial agents in Ireland.